Dawn secretly begins military service as a social worker today

Singer Dawn is fulfilling his military service duty

According to an exclusive report by MyDaily on the 12th, it was revealed that Dawn, after being assigned to work at the Gangnam-gu Office in Seoul on this day, is serving his military duty as a social service worker.


Dawn received an alternative service judgment earlier this year. He has been suffering from myopia for a long time, and this seems to have been reflected in his physical examination, as explained by the media. It was also mentioned that Dawn wanted a quiet and ordinary enlistment from the stage of coordinating the military service period, according to acquaintances.

On the same day, Dawn shared the news of his enlistment through his Instagram story.

He said, “I greet you with somewhat sudden news” and announced the fact of his enlistment, saying, “From today, I will be serving my military duty as a social service worker.”

He continued, “I apologize for not being able to tell you in advance because I wanted to enlist quietly” and expressed his gratitude, saying, “Before I go in and leave behind my regret, I want to express my gratitude.”


Finally, he said, “I thank the fans who always give us a lot of support and promise to complete my military service in good health and come back. Projects that have been prepared in advance will continue to be released, so please look forward to them.”

On the other hand, Dawn debuted as a member of the group Pentagon in 2016. In January, he signed an exclusive contract with the producing team GroovyRoom and started a new chapter in his music career with active musical activities.

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