Danielle: Bridging Cultures – NewJeans’ Korean-Australian Star (2024 updated)

Discover Danielle, NewJeans' captivating vocalist! Explore her journey from Australia to K-Pop stardom, & delve into her talents beyond singing & dancing

Who is Danielle?

Danielle’s real name is Danielle Marsh (다니엘 마쉬), born Mo Jihye (모지혜) on April 11, 2005, in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Currently, she is a member of the NewJeans girl group and holds the position of Main Vocalist, Dancer.


Danielle’s Biography

  • Real Name: Danielle Marsh (다니엘 마쉬), Mo Jihye (모지혜)
  • Stage Name: Danielle (다니엘)
  • Date of Birth: April 11, 2005
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Nationality: Korean, Australian
  • Hometown: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
  • Position in the group: Main Vocalist, Dancer
  • Height: 1m65
  • Blood Type: AB

More Information

Danielle is of mixed Australian-Korean descent, with an Australian father and a Korean mother, so she can speak both Korean and English with an Australian accent. She has appeared in various programs such as “Rainbow Kindergarten”, “Jessie’s Play Kitchen”, “Crayon in My Heart”, “Kiss”, and “Shinhwa Broadcast”. Danielle also worked as a child model in 2011 but stopped in June 2022 and moved back to Australia.

She also participated in writing the lyrics for the song “Attention”. Danielle has the rare surname “Mo” in Korea, with around 20,000 people having that surname, so she belongs to the Hampyeong Mo clan. Danielle has also worked as a photo model, participated in commercials, and appeared on television programs. Until 2049, she joined the Bighit Audition program and became a trainee at HYBE Labels in 2020.

Career Journey and Famous Songs, MVs of Danielle

Danielle’s career journey spans from being a child model and television personality to her debut with the music group. Specifically:

Danielle was a child model and television personality from 2010 to 2012.


Many fans were quite surprised to learn that Danielle was part of their childhood program. Some fans even shared that they never missed an episode and she was their favorite member. Danielle was remarked to be no different from when she was little, and she began her career very early as a child model in Korea until the age of 7.

Additionally, she appeared in various variety shows such as “Rainbow Kindergarten”, “Shinhwa Broadcasting”, and “Popopo”. Danielle started her career as a child model and television personality in Korea in 2010 under the name “Mo Jihye”. She appeared in numerous TV shows and commercials, so her official Fancafe and Twitter accounts have been around since then. However, Danielle’s television career came to an end when she moved back to Australia.

Danielle debuted with the NewJeans music group in 2022.

The NewJeans group released a music video teaser featuring Danielle with the song “Attention” on July 21, 2022. The group officially debuted on August 1, 2022.

Becoming Burberry’s Ambassador

Danielle also became the first brand ambassador for Burberry under the era of Creative Director Daniel Lee. Additionally, a young British designer has contributed to revitalizing the Bottega Veneta brand and making it famous again.

Controversies/ Scandals

Lunar New Year

NewJeans' Danielle

On January 21, 2023, an article titled “Danielle (NewJeans) and Lunar New Year” was posted on various online forums in South Korea, quickly attracting significant attention from the public.

According to the article, on January 19, Danielle interacted with fans on the Phoning chat application and said, “What are you Bunnies (NewJeans fans) doing for Chinese New Year?”. Immediately, her statement received a lot of criticism from netizens. The opinions all pointed out that the idol lacked respect by referring to the traditional holiday as Chinese New Year instead of Lunar New Year. This is not only a cultural feature of China but also the traditional New Year’s Day celebration in many Asian countries and territories such as Vietnam, South Korea, Mongolia, North Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia…

It is worth noting that Danielle is not a citizen of China; she holds dual citizenship of South Korea and Australia. Therefore, the statement made by the Attention singer received even stronger criticism.

Fun Facts About Danielle

  • Danielle can speak both English and Korean.
  • If she could only listen to one K-pop song, she would choose “밤편지 (Through The Night)” by IU.
  • She also wants to start a surfing club with Hanni because she loves surfing.
  • People also comment that Danielle resembles Kim Yoojung.
  • Her hobbies include drawing, painting, listening to music, swimming, and chatting with the members.
  • She has been swimming since she was very young and has a habit of wearing socks before sleeping.
  • Danielle’s favorite foods are those made by her mother, Korean food, vegetables, and fruits.
  • She really wants to go camping, visit amusement parks, perform on stage, go camping, and cook with the members.
  • Danielle also likes shopping, swimming, animals, camping, skydiving, sunflowers, and sunsets.
  • Her favorite colors are yellow and bright colors.
  • Her favorite seasons are spring and autumn.
  • If she weren’t an idol, she would be a vlogger or any job that involves creativity.
  • Her favorite Baskin Robbins flavor is Dark Choco Knight.
  • If Danielle were an athlete, she would be a swimmer, horseback rider, and skater.
  • Her favorite part of the song “Cookie” is “숨기고 있지만 널 더 보고 싶어”.
  • If she could shoot a commercial, she would like to do a sunglasses commercial.
  • If zombies appeared, Danielle would become one.
  • She would be in Gryffindor House if she were in Harry Potter.
  • What scares Danielle the most is being alone in this world.
  • Danielle can also create various shapes with her tongue.
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