Dancer Aiki surprised viewers with her hanbok look: “I’ll read your fortune for the new year”

Dancer Aiki surprised fans by showing off her hanbok-clad figure and shared how her future would be for the 2023 New Year.

On Jan 2nd, Aiki uploaded 2 photos with the caption, “Let me read your fortune for the #2023 New Year. Mine is ‘You will become famously cute this year’. skrrr.”

In the photo, Aiki made everyone smile by giving New Year’s greetings in a red-colored hanbok, the color that symbolizes her. Then, according to the new year fortune she shared, Aiki seems to be born on September 7th.

After seeing the post, dancer Lip J commented, “I’m in trouble. Mine is #Become_incredibly_boring.” Dancer YELL also commented, “I’m glad I renewed my passport #Will_go_abroad_every_day.” Even after “Street Woman Fighter” ended, the friendship between the dancers seems to still continue, drawing attention.


Meanwhile, Aiki appeared on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” last year and led the dance craze as the leader of HOOK Crew.

Source: OSEN

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