Current status of an aspiring actress who auditioned with a bandage on her face due to burns

Moon Chae Won, who has a wide acting spectrum, will transform into a charismatic soldier this time.

SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “Payback” is a thrilling revenge play between money trader Eun Yong and army major Joon Kyung, who risk everything to fight the money cartel that colluded with the law.

Moon Chae Won plays the role of Park Joon Kyung, an army major and an elite judicial officer who passed the bar exam and graduated from the training institute with top scores.

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In the drama, Park Joon Kyung was a more righteous prosecutor than anyone else, but after her mother fell victim to a huge evil and died full of doubts, she began to take revenge with everything she has.

Moon Chae Won has been proving her unique natural and subtle atmosphere as well as solid and delicate acting skills by performing acting activities without sanctuary. Moon Chae Won raises questions about what complex inner character Park Joon Kyung will look like with her deeper emotional lines and detailed expressive power.

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Meanwhile, Moon Chae Won, who has been challenging acting in various fields, has shown an extraordinary desire for acting since her debut.

In the past, Moon Chae Won talked about her audition challenge when appearing on SBS’ “Strong Heart”.

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At that time, Moon Chae Won, who passed the first-round audition for SBS’ “Mackerel Run”, got burned while sleeping with aromatic candles to calm her nervousness ahead of the second-round audition.

Moon Chae Won surprised everyone by saying, “The candles fell on my head, cut flesh on my forehead and burned my eyelashes. I agonized at that moment. Should I treat it right away or participate in the audition first? Still, I wanted to act so much that I auditioned with a bandage on.

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In addition, Moon Chae Won said, “I went to the audition without washing my face and only put on a bandage, so the director was surprised to see me”, adding “Of course, I thought I failed the audition so I cried a lot at home. However, I later received a call informing me that I passed”, recalling the overwhelming moment at that time.

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Moon Chae Won’s debut drama “Mackerel Run” also starred actors Lee Min Ho and Park Bo Young and it depicts the survival of rebellious children at school.

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In particular, the role of innocent high school girl Min Yoon Seo played by Moon Chae Won made female students jealous because Cha Gong Chan, the character played by Lee Min Ho, had feelings for her.

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Later, Moon Chae Won gained recognition for her acting skills by winning Best New Actress at the 48th Grand Bell Awards for her impressive appearance in “War of the Arrows”. She starred in various famous dramas, such as “The Princess’ Man”, “Good Doctor”, “Flower of Evil”, etc., and is still working hard to build a solid career.

Source: Daum

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