Coupang Play to produce “What Comes After Love” starring Lee Se-young and Sakaguchi Kentaro

Coupang Play confirmed the production of “What Comes After Love” and announced the cast on Dec 5th

“What Comes After Love” is a refreshing work depicting a love that transcends borders between a Korean woman and a Japanese man.

The original novel “What Comes After Love” was co-authored by popular Korean writer Gong Ji-young and Tsuji Hitonari, the author of “Between Calmness and Passion”. The original novel garnered significant attention both domestically and internationally upon its release.

Things That Come After Love

Coupang Play’s series “What Comes After Love” will add the meeting of Lee Se-young and Sakaguchi Kentaro to the already validated story, creating a heart-wrenching melodrama.

Lee Se-young will take on the role of Hong, whose emotions are overwhelming as she reunites with Jungo, the man she once loved so deeply. Sakaguchi Kentaro will play Jungo, who carries the scar of regret.

The location shifting between Korea and Japan and the exotic scenes are anticipated to vividly capture the story of “What Comes After Love”.

Source: Naver

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