Controversy over preferential treatment for Rain’s concert in the Blue House… The Cultural Heritage Administration responded, “It’s not true”

The Cultural Heritage Administration denied the suspicions of Rain receiving special treatment for his concert at the Blue House, which was released on Netflix on October 14th.

KBS recently reported the “Blue House Visits Regulations” introduced by the Cultural Heritage Administration that do not allow filming with profit-making activities. It was pointed out that the filming of Rain’s concert took place on June 17th, after the day the regulations were applied. 

Bi rain

In this regard, the Cultural Heritage Administration explained, “According to the ‘Blue House Visits Regulations’, registrations for permission have to be submitted at least 7 days before the filming dates and at least 20 days prior to the dates the place is used (Article 11)”, adding “

Blue House

For this reason, a separate provision related to this delay was also introduced and the regulations were officially applied from June 20th for shootings (7 days after June 12th) and July 3rd for visiting (20 days after)”.

They concluded, “Therefore, it is clear that we didn’t give any preferential treatment to specific registrations”

Source: nate

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