Controversy arises that Somi is “wasting her talent” for not having a comeback and only shooting CFs and Tiktok videos 

The long period between Somi’s releases is currently the talk of the town in Korea. 

After joining THEBLACKLABEL, it was clear that Somi’s career was on the up and up. She became more daring as a solo artist and quickly released a series of hits, affirming her talent with Teddy’s backup and support. However, Somi only has few comebacks under her sleeves and a short list of music until now. Despite her constant activities in CFs, it feels like her company and the artist herself is “wasting her talent” through this “drought” period. 

jeon somi

Somi is often known for her beautiful and attractive blend of Western and Eastern beauty. She developed a concrete skillset from being on “Produce 101” and gained much experience as the center in I.O.I. Therefore, Somi was much more confident in her solo career. From an highteen image direction, Somi was expected to be a leading soloist with a polished career in fashion and music. After her official debut with “Birthday,” “What You Waiting For,” “Dumb Dumb,” and “XOXO” all received positive feedback. What is left is the frequency of her activity. 

jeon somi
Somi’s highteen image created a trend during her “Dumb Dumb” promotion 
Jeon Somi
Somi transformed miraculously in each M/V shooting 

In 2022, Somi did not release any music and her sole music-releated activity was being the MC for MAMA. After “XOXO” at the end of 2021, fans have been waited for Somi to comeback and many discussions among K-nets are showing their confusion about her company’s promotional strategies. 

Jeon Somi
Somi caused a sensation as a host for MAMA 

Knets gave many mixed opinions and questions about Somi’s schedule in two years without comeback. They worried if she stayed “hidden” for too long, her fan base would shrink and lose the effect she had on the media. While she is frequent on advertisement projecs on Tiktok, the artist does not show any snippet of working on music. 

Jeon Somi
Somi did a “VIBE” dance challenge with Taeyang 

Nonetheless, fans thought she was still doing a great job. After all, she still had a “big win” with many lucrative advertisement deals and has a stable earning and nationally recognized image. As a soloist, Somi is not bound by group schedule. THEBLACKLABEL themsleves also prioritize artist’s freedom; so it makes sense that Somi has more time to decide how to make and produce her own music. When Somi has refined her music, her and Teddy will definitely have a plan for a comeback. 

Jeon Somi-Saint Laurent

Somi was the idol was the most earning from ads, apart from Jennie, in 2022 

Knets’ comments: 

  • “Dumb Dumb” was good but the full album did not perform as good. I don’t know what she did in two years without any promotion. 
  • “XOXO” was good and did not flop as everyone said. Somi actually has a high recognition! 
  • THEBLACKLABEL is not actually an entertainment company so Somi can do whatever she likes. She will drop new music when it is time. 
  • But isn’t this wasting her talent? 

Source: Pann

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