Composer in his 30s wanders the streets under the influence of drugs “Eventually arrested”

A composer in his 30s was caught by the police after wandering the streets under the influence of drugs

On Feb 26th, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station arrested composer Choi for violation of the Narcotics Control Act and property damage.

Earlier, Choi was accused of causing a disturbance and damaging utensils inside an unmanned cafe in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu after taking Philopon in the early hours of Feb 22nd.


After leaving the cafe, he took off his coat and roamed around Gangnam before eventually being apprehended by the police.

Police received a report around 8:20 AM on the same day stating, “There is a man walking around with his coat off in the area of Seolleung-ro.” They were on the scene immediately, brought Choi to the police station and provided protective measures.

Following a report of finding syringes and other items at the cafe, it was confirmed that the person involved was indeed Choi.

A drug test conducted on Choi showed a positive reaction.

Meanwhile, the police urgently apprehended Choi and applied for an arrest warrant. The Seoul Central District Court held a pre-arrest interrogation (warrant hearing) on Feb 24th and issued the warrant.

Source: Nate

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