Complaint filed with the police regarding comedian Lee Kyung Sil’s sexual harassing remark about Lee Je Hoon 

As comedian Lee Kyung Sil caused controversy for her inappropriate comment about Lee Je Hoon, some angry citizens are taking serious action by reporting her to the police.

On February 17th, Lee Kyung Sil mentioned the scene of actor Lee Je Hoon taking off his top in the drama “Taxi Driver” when he appeared as a guest on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show”. She said, “Do you see the deep line between his chest bones? If you drop water on Lee Je Hoon’s muscles and drink it, it would become mineral water,” causing her to be embroiled in sexual harassment controversy.

Lee Kyung Sil

Lee Kyung Sil’s remarks are deemed inappropriate in the era where stricter standards on gender issues are demanded. On February 19th, a Yonsei University student reportedly filed a complaint against Lee Kyung Sil with the police on charges of correspondence media abuse.

The student stated in the accusation, citing the Supreme Court precedent, “She used communication media to say things that cause sexual shame or disgust to the other party for the purpose of inducing or satisfying sexual desire for herself. Causing sexual shame or disgust goes beyond simple shame or discomfort to the victim and goes against the sexual morality of the average person in society.”

Lee Kyung Sil

A claimed, “If a male MC makes a remark to the same effect towards a female guest, the male MC will live under the label of a sex offender for the rest of his life. Judging from the social perception that emphasizes gender equality, there’s no reason for anyone to hear sexual comments from others online against their will.”

In addition, the aftermath of the controversy over Lee Kyung Sil’s remarks has not subsided, with complaints filed with the Korea Communications Standards Commission.

Lee Kyung Sil

As the controversy continued, SBS made private “Cultwo Show”‘s visual radio video released on YouTube and has not provided the replay service.

While Lee Kyung Sil has not made any position on the controversy, it is said that there is no change in the casting for the local performance of the play “The Seagull”, in which Lee Kyung Sil is currently appearing.

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