Coming out as bisexual, a female Kpop idol expresses sadness over negative views on homosexuality

Former Wassup member Ji-ae (real name Kim Ji-ae, 28) expressed sadness over negative views on sexual minorities.

On the 7th, former Wassup member Jiae (real name Kim Jiae, 28) expressed her frustration with the negative attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community. Jiae posted a comment on an article reporting that Seoul Square denied permission for the Queer Culture Festival, scheduled for June 30th to July 1st.


One netizen referred to same-sex love as a “mental illness” and claimed that the Queer Culture Festival “destroys sexual identity.” Jiae lamented, “It makes me feel bad. Why are there so many people like this?”

Regarding another netizen who expressed derogatory and offensive views towards homosexuality, Jiae said, “It’s too sad.” She also shared a foreign news article about the matter and wrote, “I’m extremely saddened. There’s nothing I can do.”


Earlier in January 2021, Jiae came out as bisexual, saying, “I love both men and women. Can you understand? I’m happy because I have a lovely girlfriend.”

Source: naver

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