Comedian’s Video Mocking G-Dragon’s Drug Scandal Angered Fans

Kim Jae-jun, a comedian, is said to have crossed the line with a video where he imitated G-Dragon

On December 6, a topic tilted “Kim Hae-jun crossed the line to G-Dragon” was published on the Korean forum “Pann Nate”. 

In the topic, various screenshots of Kim Hae-jun’s latest YouTube video were included, pointing out the various issues with the video. 

In particular, Kim Hae-jun’s new video shows the male comedian imitating G-Dragon and even making jokes about the recent drug scandal. The male comedian also mimicked G-Dragon’s poses and tongue-twisted speech, which were regarded as “drug-use symptoms” by antis. 

On top of this, clothes worn by Kim Hae-jun’s G-Dragon was an outfit which anti often mocked him for.


According to the author of the topic, Kim Hae-jun made various videos where he imitates G-Dragon in the past, but went silent the moment G-Dragon’s drug scandal broke out, only to use the male idol’s name again when he tested negative for drug use. 

“Isn’t it a secondary offense to continue this travesty and try to make a profit despite knowing all about this incident in which numerous media outlets, YouTubers, and netizens, including public broadcasters, ridiculed GD, assumed him guilty, and sympathized with defamation?”, the author of the topic also asked.

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • This guy was even paid to run events and broadcast with G-Dragon’s songs. I even watched an interview where he said he never tried to get consent from G-Dragon.
  • It’s amazing that fans have been patient and let these imitations go. I don’t think they should do that after this 
  • I wish this guy’s fans would stop saying that his content would benefit G-Dragon and vice versa. Even if this becomes a hot topic, it’s not helpful to G-Dragon as a singer. It’s annoying to see people mentioning this guy in every video related to G-Dragon
  • These kinds of content have to be done in moderation. Is the only thing a comedian can do is imitate others and make fun of them?? 

Source: Instiz, Pann Nate

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