Chuu Expresses Gratitude for LOONA Members and Talks The Potential of a Full Group Reunion

Former LOONA’s Chuu mentioned her fellow members

During the showcase for her first solo mini album “Howl” held in Seoul on October 18th, Chuu said, “While working on the album, there were difficult times. At that moment, LOONA members were a great source of comfort to me.”

She continued, “They listened to the songs first, expressed their thoughts on how they saw me in the images of the songs, and even reassured me that the songs suited me and that I could comfortably express myself.”

She added, “They provided me with comfort, and they’ve continued to send me messages when I felt anxious or worried. They are a presence I’m very grateful for.”


Furthermore, Chuu said, “We always keep open the possibility of all 12 members performing together. If we and the fans want, I hope we can seize the opportunity to do it soon.”

Chuu’s solo album “Howl” tells the story of two people with wounds becoming small heroes for each other in their own little world, healing each other. 

This marks her first album after resolving exclusive contract disputes last year and joining hands with a new agency in April. 

Through this solo debut, Chuu plans to convey her unique and captivating voice and her strengthened self to the world. The album is out at 6 PM KST on October 18th.

Source: daum

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