Chuu and Blockberry Creative failed to reach conciliation agreement, contract lawsuit continues

The conflict between Blockberry Creative and Chuu, who was expelled from LOONA, failed to be resolved despite court’s attempt.

According to Star News on March 27th, the Seoul Northern District Court’s Civil Affairs Division 12 held a mediation on the 27th after Chuu decided to have a conciliation hearing ahead of the civil trial for the lawsuit against Blockberry Creative filed by Chuu to confirm the invalidity of her exclusive contract, however, the mediation was not successful. A conciliation hearing is a procedure for resolving lawsuits through mutual understanding between the parties. Through this, both sides try to reach an agreement.

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Chuu is the only LOONA member who filed a lawsuit against their agency Blockberry Creative to confirm the invalidity of her exclusive contract. Other members filed injunctions to suspend activities, but Chuu proceeded with both lawsuits to make sure that she would be able to completely terminate her contract with Blockberry Creative. In March 2022, she partially won the lawsuit to suspend the validation of her contract.

Chuu filed the lawsuit in December 2021 and three trials have been held so far, but the conflict between the two sides remains intense. The court attempted to reach an agreement through the conciliation process but failed, resulting in the continuation of the legal dispute.


As the trust between the two sides broke down, Blockberry Creative also submitted a petition to the Korea Entertainment Management Association and the Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association to request a ban on Chuu’s entertainment activities. 

In November 2022, the company shocked everyone when releasing the announcement that they decided to expel Chuu from LOONA due to her verbal abuse and bullying attitude towards staff. After that, they announced the indefinite postponement of LOONA’s January comeback.

Despite the dispute, Chuu joined the recording for the final round of TV Chosun’s “Mr. Trot 2” on the 16th. The female singer reportedly watched the competition and expressed her thoughts as a celebrity panelist.

Source: Nate

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