Chungha Praised for Properly Addressing Sam Smith in Recent Interview 

International fans are impressed by Chungha’s mindfulness and when addressing people from minority communities.

Recently, Chungha had an interview where she expressed her wish to work with English singer-songwriter Sam Smith. 

In particular, the female idol said, “I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Sam Smith….I love what they do and what they try to embrace in so many artistic ways”.

Noticeably, Chungha not only sincerely conveyed her feelings, but also tactfully used the pronoun “they”, which is preferred by Sam Smith – who identifies as non-binary. 

In conservation nations like Korea, the idea of “non-binary” and “preferred pronouns” are not exactly commonplace, so the fact that Chungha took the time to learn about them and used them respectfully is admirable. 

As a result, on SNS platforms such as X (formerly Twitter), netizens are showering the female idol in praise and leaving positive comments. 

Source: Krb, X

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