Chinese fans made up a story that Jennie left the group, and BLACKPINK was about to disband

A part of Jennie’s Chinese fans suddenly made up the story that she left BLACKPINK, and the group was about to disband.

BLACKPINK is probably the group that owns the most troublesome fandom in Kpop.  Besides those who love all 4 members, there are many only-fans or akgae (who only like 1 person, hate the rest). They often “fight” with each other to claim unreasonable rights for idols

Recently, a part of Jennie‘s fans in China suddenly made a fake announcement.  They self-proclaimed that female idols left the group, and BLACKPINK would disband in February.

The fake announcement of Chinese fans is as follows:

“Hello, this is YG.

 When collecting domestic and international fan feedback, we found that many people were curious about Jennie’s development.  We want to briefly explain how Jennie is preparing to go solo.

YG released the first solo song of Jennie, a BLACKPINK member, titled SOLO in November 2018.  The song has achieved great success, contributing to the group’s reputation.  BLACKPINK members as well as domestic and foreign fans agree that Jennie’s solo will bring great development for her and the group.

Our company would like to express our deep gratitude to domestic and international fans who have watched and loved the group.  In addition, the company will continue to listen and pay attention to the diverse responses of fans, even the smallest things.

This decision is to help the group make better music and become more accomplished artists.  Our company will do our best to support because we know that this is the most important thing to repay fans’ love.

Today is February 21, the group will disband this month and everyone is working hard to prepare.  Thanks, everyone”.

Jennie left the group, and BLACKPINK was about to disband

Although this was fake news, before it was deleted on Weibo, the fake announcement caused many people to fire.  When the story was re-shared on Douban (China), many netizens expressed frustration because some fans wanted her to leave the group while Jennie is working very well as a member of BLACKPINK.

Jennie left the group, and BLACKPINK was about to disband

It is true that Jennie can completely succeed as a solo artist.  As the first BLACKPINK member to go solo, she got an impressive achievement with the song SOLO.  She also has outstanding popularity, regularly topping the female idol brand value chart in Korea.

However, it cannot be denied that the influence of BLACKPINK helps Jennie’s name become more known.  Working with the group has brought many benefits to the female idol herself.  Someone said that without the group’s launchers, Jennie would not have achieved the success or even “flop”.

Jennie left the group, and BLACKPINK was about to disband

Cnet comments:

 – Do fans really think that if Jennie will be more successful as a solo artist?  I’m confused, I think all 4 members benefit from the aura of BLACKPINK.  If she was a solo artist from the start she would flop

 – My heart broke when I read this announcement.  Does Jennie fans really think it would be better if she left the group?

 – I thought it was a real announcement.  Fans really think so?  She has such a good achievements thanks to the group’s reputation.

Like Chinese netizens, international fans are also frustrated when a part of BLACKPINK fans always expect their idols to separate.  The 4 girls always had loveeach other, even wanting to go further as a group.  However, many people impose subjective and controversial thinking within the fandom. However, some people believe that Jennie’s antifans released fake announcement to defame the female idol and her fandom.

International fans comment:

– The day before, Knet said that Lisa will not renew her contract with BLACKPINK.  Now Chinese fans say that Jennie will leave the group.

 – This group has a lot of akgae, so sad.  They themselves destroy the image of their idols.

– Not talking about leaving the group or disbanding but later if Jennie goes solo, with her steady popularity in Korea and in the international market, Jennie can completely succeed.  It’s just a matter of time, nobody knows what will happen.

 – Are you sure it’s Jennie’s fan?  There have been many times when antifans pretending to be Jennie’s fans. 

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