Chinese actress Song Jia shows love for BLACKPINK’s Rosé after meeting her at Sulwhasoo event

Chinese actress Song Jia shares photos with BLACKPINK’s Rosé at a Sulwhasoo event, calling her universally loveable.

Chinese actress Song Jia, who is also an ambassador for Sulwhasoo, recently attended the Sulwhasoo event held at the Met Museum in New York City, where she met up with BLACKPINK’s Rosé. 


The two stars took selfies together, which Song Jia later shared on her Weibo account with a caption that caught the attention of fans.

In the caption, Song Jia praised Rosé, saying “Girls all over the world would love her.” This statement speaks to Rosé’s international appeal and popularity, as she has fans from all over the globe who admire her talent, style, and personality.


In BLACKPINK, Rosé is known for her soulful vocals, dynamic stage presence, and chic fashion style. She has been making waves as a solo artist, with her debut single “On The Ground” topping charts and breaking records.

Source: Instagram

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