Jung Eun-chae, who became a trending actress through “Anna”, kept her loyalty with KeyEast

Actress Jung Eun-chae kept her loyalty by renewing her contract with the comprehensive entertainment group KeyEast.

KeyEast announced on the morning of August 10th, “We will once again continue our relationship with actress Jung Eun-chae, who is showing a new acting performance after meeting viewers through Coupang Play’s series ‘Anna‘ and Apple TV+’s ‘Pachinko‘. As she is an actress who has shown an unrivaled presence through various works, we will continue to provide constant support based on strong trust so that she can pursue active activities in the future.”

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The presence of Jung Eun-chae, who is active across genres, has expanded beyond Korea to the world this year. First of all, in March, she played the role of Kyung-hee, Sun-ja (Kim Min-ha)’s sister-in-law who warmly welcomes her after she comes to Japan, in Apple TV+’s “Pachinko”. She captured the attention of people around the world by delicately portraying the confused mind of a character in the age of suppression.

jung eunchae

In Coupang Play’s series “Anna”, which was released in June, she met viewers as Hyeon-ju, who enjoys her superior life without consideration or malice. She not only received favorable reviews for the birth of her new “best character” through “Anna”, but also showed a wide acting spectrum.

Attention is focused on the future moves with KeyEast of Jung Eun-chae, who has obtained the modifier “trustworthy actress”.

jung eunchae

Meanwhile, KeyEast, to which Jung Eun-chae belongs, includes Kang Han-na, Go Ah-sung, Kim Dong-wook, Kim Seo-hyung, Kim Eui-sung, Moon Ga-young, Park Ha-sun, Woo Do-hwan, Yoo Hae-jin, Lee Dong-hwi, Jo Bo-ah, Chae Jung-an and Hwang In-youp.

Source: wikitree

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