Celebrity couple who got embroiled in affair rumors… A completely new life

Actors Choo Ja-hyun and Yu Xiaoguang are taking on a new challenge.

The couple’s recent status was reported on the YouTube channel of Choo Ja-hyun‘s agency BH Entertainment.

Choo Ja-hyun

Choo Ja-hyun and Yu Xiaoguang are experiencing “one-month living” in Singapore with their son. After stopping by to film tvN’s drama “Little Women“, Choo Ja-hyun decided to live here for a month.

Choo Ja-hyun

Choo Ja-hyun headed to a local restaurant for dinner with her Singaporean friends. Yu Xiaoguang also made a surprise appearance.

He said “Hello” in Korean while making a V sign. Choo Ja-hyun introduced her husband, “It’s been 10 years since I met him, and he’s living with me.”

Woo Hyo-kwang

Choo Ja-hyun enjoyed shopping at ZARA after eating dim sum. She said, “This ZARA is different in every country. Xiaoguang loves ZARA as well. So whenever we go to a different country, he never packs up his clothes. He just packs some basics. And during the trip, he goes around ZARA, buys some and wears them.”

Choo Ja-hyun and Yu Xiaoguang met through the 2012 Chinese drama “The Happy Time of the Spicy and Hot Girlfriend”, became lovers then got married in 2017.

Choo Ja-hyun

The couple received a lot of love by revealing their happy newlywed life on SBS’ “Same Bed, Different Dreams – You Are My Destiny”. Yu Xiaoguang even got the nickname “Yu-vely”.

Choo Ja-hyun Woo Hyo-kwang

However, criticism arose in July last year when a video of Yu Xiaoguang having a woman sitting on his lap spread on Chinese SNS Weibo. Yu Xiaoguang explained that the woman he had on his lap “was also an acquaintance of Choo Ja-hyun” and apologized through his agency.

Source: wikitree

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