“Is yo ‘a bench of the residential complex’ on which all the residents can sit?” Yu Xiaoguang really got reviled in China

Chinese netizens’ reaction to Chinese actor Yu Xiaoguang has been a hot topic.

On the 15th, Yu Xiaoguang was caught up in rumors of an affair with a video released on China’s ‘Sohu Entertainment’ in which he let a woman sit on his lap. This video has sparked controversy as to whether Choo Ja-hyun is having an affair.

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Yu Xiaoguang claimed, “We are close neighbors. I will be careful not to do anything that could cause misunderstandings in the future.” Choo Ja Hyun also apologized, “I’m sorry for causing concern.”

However, the anger of Chinese netizens is not fading. Rather, they are getting more outrage in China than in Korea.

The reason is that Yu Xiaoguang gained popularity through Choo Ja-Hyun’s fame. According to Chinese netizens, Yu Xiaoguang made his face known when he met Choo Ja-Hyun as a supporting actor in a morning drama. Choo Ja-Hyun is a popular lead actress in China because of her favorability like the national daughter-in-law.

“I knew Yu Xiaoguang because of Choo Ja-Hyun. But he cheated. I hope she gets a divorce soon” and “Do you have a neighbor sitting on your lap instead of a neighborhood bench?” were the main responses of the angry Chinese netizens.

The couple met in 2012 through a Chinese drama. They got married in 2017 and had a son the following year.

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