Celebrities with Doctor Dads You May Not Know: VIVIZ’s Umji, TWICE’s Mina, And More 

These celebrities stand out not just for their talent but also for their remarkable family backgrounds 

Among rich celebrities are those who can boast the privilege of having a doctor as their father, a status that only the top 0.1% of individuals in the industry can dream of. These three celebrities are examples.

Kim Min-kyo

While many know actor Kim min-kyo for his on-screen charisma, what’s lesser-known is his family’s medical background. Kim Min-kyo’s father was the director at Donga General Hospital, a designated hospital for MBC in the past. 

Kim Min-kyo

Growing up, Kim Min-kyo enjoyed the luxuries of life, including living in a 1,500-square-meter home with a swimming pool. In the 1980s, when black bean noodles cost 500 won, Kim Min-kyo, who was an elementary school student at the time, received a generous allowance of 10,000 won.

But life took a turn when Kim Min-kyo was in his third year of high school. His father fell victim to a scam, causing the family’s fortune to decline. His father eventually became a monk.

VIVIZ’s Umji

Next on our list is Umji, whose friendly image in the industry contrasts with her family background. Her father is known to be a director of a branch of the M Dental Clinic in South Korea. 


M Dental Clinic is a prominent dental group with 45 clinics across various regions of Korea. Considering that dental clinics generate high revenue, her father can be assumed to be extremely wealthy.

When Umji debuted in GFRIEND, the official Facebook page of M Dental Clinic introduced her, proudly announcing her as the director’s youngest daughter. 

TWICE’s Mina

What sets Mina apart is not just her elegant visuals, undeniable talent but also her background. Mina is a Japanese-American, born in Texas, USA, holding dual nationalities from both countries. 


Mina’s exceptional grace caught the attention of talent scouts, leading to her street-casting while shopping at a department store.

Mina’s pre-debut years were shrouded in rumors of her being born into wealth. She attended the Obayashi Sacred Heart School, a Catholic institution renowned for its high tuition fees and affluent students, even within Japan. During her time there, Mina dedicated 11 years to mastering ballet.

Mina’s father is a prominent figure in the medical field. He served as the director of the Future Medical Development Center at Osaka University’s Faculty of Medicine. His reputation as an orthopedic surgeon extended to the point that he was interviewed by Korean medical news outlets in the past.

Source: daum

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