Cardi B has suddenly announced that she will officially join TWICE?

This news has shocked TWICE fans, but what is the truth?

When it comes to TWICE, we mention 9 beautiful and talented members. But recently, on social networks, the news that TWICE is about to have the 10th member has made fans stunned. The truth makes people crazy, that member is Cardi B.

It turns out that the female rapper has released an avatar version to promote the song Up. Cardi B’s avatar version made fans extremely excited and used it to cover many different songs, including TWICE’s Like OOH-AHH. Cardi B herself happily retweeted the post with the caption: “I’m the tenth member.” On Instagram, she also reposted this video. Cardi B’s posts have received an enthusiastic response from the audience.

If the famous USUK rapper collaborates with TWICE, it will definitely be a global hit. Let’s hope these talented artists collaborate in the future!

Source: Twitter, Instagram

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