“Bullying controversy” Lee Na Eun, handwritten greetings to mark the Year of the Cat… Sign of full-fledged return?

Former April member Lee Na Eun, who turned into an actress, delivered her New Year’s greetings to mark the Year of the Cat. Attention is being focused on Lee Na Eun’s full-fledged return.

On Jan 1st, the agency Namoo Actors revealed New Year’s greetings from their celebrities. Among them, Lee Na Eun, who signed an exclusive contract with Namoo Actors in June last year after the bullying controversy, drew attention.

Lee Na-eun

The released photo contained Lee Na Eun’s handwritten message. Lee Na Eun wrote, “Hello, I’m Lee Na Eun. My wish for 2023 is ‘Tomorrow will be better than today’. Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you have a plentiful year.

Namoo Actors added, “Please look forward to the future activities of actress Na Eun, whose tomorrow is always better than today.

lee na eun

However, some netizens’ reaction is still cold because Lee Na Eun was embroiled in a bullying controversy in 2021.

Earlier, former April member Lee Hyun Joo raised a bullying controversy by claiming that she was bullied within the team. Lee Hyun Joo’s friends and younger brother posted revelations about how April members constantly bullied Lee Hyun Joo even before debut. Lee Hyun Joo’s younger brother revealed that Lee Hyun Joo even made an extreme choice.

Lee Na-eun

As the controversy erupted, netizens found scenes in the past videos from when Lee Hyun Joo was active in April and suspected that the members were excluding Lee Hyun Joo.

Netizens argued that they couldn’t guess how much it would have been in the dorm. There were conflicting reactions between supporters for Lee Hyun Joo and those who believe that the videos were forcefully manipulated to fit into the controversy.


Due to this, April disbanded after having their activities suspended. Lee Na Eun also dropped out of SBS’s drama “Taxi Driver”. At the time, Lee Na Eun was active in various entertainment programs and was loved by the public. She was recognized for her potential to take on a leading role through MBC’s drama “Extraordinary You”, but her activities were canceled due to the bullying controversy.

lee na eun

Afterwards, all April members, including Lee Na Eun, temporarily took a break from their entertainment activities. In a state where the bullying controversy has not been clearly resolved, negative public gazes are still on Lee Na Eun’s return.

Source: Daum

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