BTS’s V Assigned to Elite Police Unit after Completing Military Training

On February 8th, BTS V was spotted heading towards his unit at Chuncheon Station in Gangwon Province, signaling another milestone in his military service journey. Having enlisted in the army on December 11th last year, V has demonstrated his dedication and commitment by successfully completing both basic military training and subsequent education. His hard work paid off as he was assigned to the prestigious 2nd Division Military Police Corps on this day.


Transitioning seamlessly into his role, V has been stationed at the 2nd Division in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, where he will serve as a special forces member of the military police. This marks a new chapter in his military service, showcasing his readiness to fulfill his duties with diligence and honor.


V’s journey to this point has been marked by exceptional achievements. He underwent a rigorous selection process, including document screenings, interviews, and physical fitness tests, before entering the recruit training center. His exemplary performance throughout training earned him recognition as one of the top trainees, alongside fellow BTS member RM, in the elite trainee category.

V joins a select few who have demonstrated outstanding educational performance and exemplary conduct during their military service. His assignment to the 2nd Division, also known as the “Twin Dragon Division,” further highlights his dedication to serving his country with distinction.

Source: naver

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