BTS’s RM imitates Jeon Cheong-jo’s meme “I am in Korea~”

BTS’s RM also hopped on the new trend

On Oct 30th, RM uploaded a post through SNS to let fans know he arrived in Korea. Alongside a photo of himself at the airport, RM wrote, “I am 한국이에요~ (I am in Korea~)

Appending the phrase “I am” with Korean after it spread rapidly like a “meme” after the controversy surrounding fencer Nam Hyun-hee and Jeon Cheong-jo, who claims to be the third-generation scion of a conglomerate family.

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Nam Hyun-hee’s marriage news gained attention not only because it was her second marriage but also because her partner Jeon Cheong-jo was known to be from a wealthy family. However, after an interview revealed the identity of Nam Hyun-hee’s fiancé, many netizens began to raise suspicions about this person.

Claims emerged that Nam Hyun-hee’s marriage partner was not a man but a woman. Jeon Cheong-jo’s former classmates exposed Jeon’s identity online. It was revealed that Jeon is not a male heir of a wealthy family but rather a woman, and Jeon’s previous criminal record related to fraud was also disclosed.

Jeon Cheong-jo claimed to have lived in the United States for a long time and to be a famous entrepreneur, but all of this was revealed to be false information to deceive Nam Hyun-hee. Shockingly, even in interactions with others, Jeon Cheong-jo would often mix English and Korean, possibly to emphasize the claim that Jeon had been living in the United States for an extended period.

Messages exchanged between Jeon Cheong-jo and online broadcaster roalnam were also made public. Given the significant impact of this scandal, the bizarre messenger tone of Jeon Cheong-jo, who mixes English and Korean, has been ridiculed and has now become a “meme” among young people.

RM’s use of this “meme” prompted fans to react humorously with comments like “RM is really funny“, “I can’t believe BTS knows about this trend” and “How did he learn about this meme while abroad?

Source: Nate

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