BTS’s Jungkook flaunts stable live in US radio show, impressive production quality 

A video showing BTS’s Jungkook’s special live performance on an American radio show has been released

On November 14 (Korean time), the American radio platform “Audacy” posted a titled video “Audacy Live: Jung Kook”, featuring BTS’s Jungkook, on its official YouTube channel. 

Here, Jungkook sang a total of 4 songs. In particular, the male idol performed the song “Standing Next to You” from his first solo album “GOLDEN” and solo singles “Seven” and “3D” live. 

In addition, Jungkook also performed his new song “Closer to you” (ft. Major Lazer) and flaunted his stable vocal skills.

The overall video exuded the vibes of a musical movie, where the male idol went back and forth inside and outside a concert hall and presented a complete performance. The naturally flowing storyline was also impressive.  

Above all, the props in the music video were strategically placed, adding to the watching experience. Iconic scenes, which reinterpreted the fight scene between lovers in “Seven” and the “3D” public phone also attracted attention. 

The video has since received a warm response from global ARMYs, ranking high in trending videos. 

Source: Daum

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