“BTS’s First Military Soldier” Jin’s Funny Reaction To Jungkook’s Letter About His Upcoming Enlistment

BTS’s oldest member Jin responded to the enlistment announcement of the youngest brother Jungkook

On November 23rd, Jin replied to the previous post by Jungkook on the fan community Weverse with comments of many ‘ㅋ’ consonants to create the laughing sound.

While Jin, J-hope and Suga are currently fulfilling their military service, BTS’s agency Big Hit Music announced on November 22nd that RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook had also begun the procedures to enlist in the military.

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On the same day, Jungkook wrote a letter to fans, saying “I’m sure you guys already know it, so I’m leaving a short letter to you”, adding “I will start a new journey this December. I’m going to be away from you guys to serve in the military.”

He honestly confessed, “As I announce this news, my heart feels heavy and warm at the same time as I recall precious memories with ARMY”, adding “Every moment, every experience with you from the past until now has been the brightest time in my life. Thank you for supporting my dreams and silently walking beside me.”

Lastly, Jungkook said, “I won’t selfishly request you to wait for me. But when I return, I promise to stand on the stage in a more mature appearance. I wish ARMY would always be happy in life and I hope your days will be full of healthy and beautiful things”.

Meanwhile, BTS recently renewed their contracts with Big Hit Music as a whole group amid their military service period, promising full-fledged group activities in 2025.

Source: Nate

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