BTS V’s Couple Look Date with This ‘Person’ 3 Days Before Enlistment

With three days left until his enlistment, BTS’s V is spending precious time with close friends

On the 8th, V shared a photo of himself and Park Hyung-sik sitting side by side in a car, captioning it with, “Matching outfits today, can you believe it?”

The two wore matching all-white outerwear and set off on a drive, showcasing V’s noticeably shorter hairstyle as he has prepared for his military enlistment.

Previously, V expressed his feelings about enlistment through a recent Weverse live broadcast, saying, “It’s really exciting. You only understand the preciousness when you separate and come back together once.” He went on to share his aspirations, saying, “I want to have the stamina to hold concerts ten times in a row without getting tired and shoulders strong enough not to be pushed even if I bump into someone,” and he pledged to increase his current weight of 62kg to 86kg.

Regarding the concerns of ARMYs (BTS fans) about his enlistment, V reassured, “ARMYs are worried a lot. Honestly, I just want to challenge myself once, so don’t worry too much. I have my goals, so you don’t need to worry.”

Meanwhile, V is set to enlist in active duty in the army on the upcoming 11th.

Source: nate

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