BTS Suga, “When people said our team was disbanding, I felt very scary… We had to go on a break for unavoidable reasons”

BTS member Suga asked his senior singer Taeyang for advice.

On January 18th, the Youtube channel BANGTANTV uploaded episode 3 of Suga’s content “Suchwita”.

As soon as the video started, Suga said, “I’m so nervous today. I don’t know if I’m allowed to introduce him”. The guest on that day was Taeyang, who has just made his solo comeback after 6 years. Taeyang recently released his new song “VIBE” collaborating with BTS Jimin.

Suga Taeyang

While continuing their comfortable conversation, Suga asked, “You lost weight, right?”, and Taeyang replied, “I lost a lot of weight!”, revealing his recent status. Taeyang added, “Before starting my military service, I only ate one meal a day. But once I joined the military, I had to eat three meals a day so I gained 10kg right away in a month or two. I had a hard time losing the weight I gained in the military.”

Suga then said, “Can’t you release more albums? I’m asking as a fan”. In response, Taeyang shared, “I really wish I could, but as you know, I had to do team promotions as well. Releasing a solo album exactly when you want to is harder than you think so it took me a long time. Starting in 2023, I’d like to focus more on my music career and I think there will be more opportunities to meet with fans”.

Suga Taeyang

Revealing a behind-the-scenes story about his collaboration song with Jimin. Taeyang said, “Jimin literally kept re-recording over 15 times”. Suga said, “Jimin didn’t start out as a singer. He was actually a dancer. He just started singing as we debuted so he’s been through a lot.” Taeyang complimented, “He tried really hard. I’m the type that keeps on going until I make it work. He works so hard until he gets it right.” Suga added, “Jungkook is a kind of the genius type. He has a lot of natural talent. And Jimin really worked hard. He’s a genius in a different way”.

Jimin, who was inspired a lot by Taeyang, became a successful fan with the collaboration song “VIBE”. Taeyang also said he learned a lot through this project. Suga said, “Jimin practiced really hard. I was very surprised. He gets muscle cramps easily but he said he had to practice no matter what. He was always in the practice studio”.

Taeyang Suga

Suga even asked Taeyang for advice. He said, “On June 13th, some content was aired of us just drinking together and people said the team was breaking up or going on hiatus. It wasn’t like that at all. We just had to go on a break for unavoidable reasons”, adding “But when people were saying those things, the whole situation felt so scary. Why is the world telling us to take a permanent break?”. In response, Taeyang also shared a sincere talk with various stories about emptiness and separation.

Source: Naver

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