Son Seok Koo and Jeon Yeo Been wow fans with their sizzling chemistry in recent pictorial 

After a long wait by fans, actors Son Seok Koo and Jeon Yeo Been reunited as a couple. 

Recently, fashion magazine Marie Claire released a couple pictorial of Son Seok Koo and Jeon Yeo Been through its official website.

Son Seok-gu Jeon Yeo-bin

The two were loved by many fans by portraying a strange relationship in JTBC’s drama “Melo Is My Nature”, which aired in 2019. Thanks to the charming chemistry they showed  at the time, fans have continued to hope for a reunion of the two even after the drama ended.

After 4 years, they finally reunited. In the latest pictorial, the two boast a chemistry with completely different vibes from the past. They express the relationship between a man and a woman who have broken up but still remember each other beautifully.

Son Seok-gu Jeon Yeo-bin
Son Seok-gu Jeon Yeo-bin

They create a vague atmosphere that exudes vibes of lovers who broke up and reunited after a long time. In particular, the simple yet deep gaze of the two caught the eye.

Jeon Yeo Been leaned lightly on Son Seok Koo with an empty expression. Son Seok Koo also looked at the camera with eyes locked in memories. 

Marie Claire also released a video of the two on its official Instagram on Feb 9th.

In the video, they drew excitement by acting as sweet lovers, such as looking at each other with honey-dripping eyes and hugging each other affectionately.

Netizens excitedly commented, “The atmosphere is so good”, “I want to watch these two in a good drama  again…”, “Their chemistry is too good for just a short video”, “Top-tier chemistry”, “The video doesn’t end”, “The person who planned the Jeon Yeo Been and Son Seok Koo combination needs to earn more”, “So when will this movie be released?”, “I thought it was a movie preview…When will the main part be out?”, “My heart almost burst.”

Source: Wikitree

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