BTS Suga “Not everyone can be born a genius like Jungkook” (SUCHWITA)

BTS Suga shared his attitude towards group activities. Suga expressed satisfaction with his role, saying, “Not everyone can be born a genius like Jungkook.

Jo Se Ho appeared as a guest and showed off his volubility in “SUCHWITA”, which was released through BTS‘ official channel on July 3rd.


Jo Se Ho showed his motivation, “Since I’d be having a few drinks here, I worked out especially hard for an hour and sweated it out at the sauna.”

Having lost 30kg through dieting in the past, he confessed, “I decided to go on a diet when I was 39. It was nice meeting people and hanging out but I felt like I wasn’t taking care of myself. So on January 1st of the year I went from 39 to 40, I decided to do three things that had been the hardest for me to do until my body got used to them. The first of the three was dieting. The second was becoming a morning person, and the third was reading.”


He shared, “I thought that my position should be someone who applauds people when they do well. So since then, whenever someone did well, instead of getting jealous, I clapped for them to do even better. I should just do what I can do instead of trying to do more. As I worked with that mindset, many people started to like me, for which I was very thankful.”


This is something that Suga agrees with. Suga said, “That’s my mindset on the team. When I’m part of the team, I don’t want to be in the center for a long time. The members are so much better at performing than I am. I still think they’re better on stage than me. It’s easier for me to tune myself to them. I feel more comfortable watching from behind.”

He added honestly, “What matters is how much I love what I do and whether people recognize that. That’s how I am with the team. I know the members are better, so I want them to have more opportunities. That’s the thing about positioning. Not everyone can be in Yoo Jae Suk’s spot. Not everyone can be born a genius like Jungkook.”

Source: Daum

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