BTS arranged sign language interpreters at their concert hall so that even fans with hearing loss can enjoy

BTS, loved all over the world, gave a deep impression by arranging sign language interpreters at the concert hall for fans with hearing loss.

On Mar 13th, a short video taken at the BTS concert hall was posted on composer/lyricist Kim Ea-na‘s SNS.


The video posted by Kim Ea-na showed a sign language interpreter providing real-time sign language interpretation while wearing a see-through mask which clearly showed her mouth shape in front of the disabled seat.

“It was impressive to see one person dancing and interpreting the lyrics in sign language throughout the performance,” Kim said adding, “I think it was the area for people with hearing loss, but I was exceptionally moved when ‘permission to dance’ came out as an encore.”


Kim Ea-na also left a review saying, “It is always an overwhelming experience to be at the scene where many people are happy with the same feeling,” adding, “This will be memorable to me for a long time.”

This is not the first time BTS has shown their care for deaf fans.


BTS released a song called “Permission to Dance” last year and added international sign language as a choreography. Sign language was added to the performance as a choreography so that fans with hearing impairments can also enjoy it.

BTS‘s choreography, where they seem to scratch their body with only their thumb open, meant “pleasant, joy and cheer.”

In addition, BTS drew attention by using sign languages meaning “dance” and “peace” as parts of their choreography.

It is rumored that fans with hearing loss around the world who watched BTS‘s music video at the time smiled, saying, “Oh, they told me to dance.

Meanwhile, in addition to BTS, other famous world stars are also arranging sign language interpreters at their concert hall.

Rappers Eminem and Cardi B also drew attention recently after fans say that they have arranged sign language interpreters at their concerts.

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