Block B’s U-Kwon leaves serious response to fan asking him to send a letter to P.O “Send it to P.O agency”

Block B member U-Kwon rejected a fan’s request to deliver a letter to P.O.

On December 13th, U-Kwon posted a photo of a letter he received from a fan through a restaurant he and his family were running on his Instagram story. He said, “I came to pick it up after hearing that a letter had arrived.”

However, the contents of the letter that U-Kwon received was directed not to him, but to P.O, another member of Block B.

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The fan left a note that reads, “I’m really sorry U-Kwon, can you pass this letter to P.O? I will only trust you. I’m sorry and thank you.” U-Kwon left a serious response to this request, saying, “Next time, please send it to P.O’s company or unit.”

Meanwhile, Block B is on a hiatus due to members enlisting in the military one after another. U-Kwon currently runs a restaurant with his family in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do.

Source: Nate. 

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