BLACKPINK’s reaction after Jennie decided to mischievously change their choreography

BLACKPINK made fans laugh with their honest reaction.

On May 3rd (Korea time), the girls finished their night in Newark, New Jersey for “BLACKPINK 2019 World Tour With Kia in Your Area”.

A fan has uploaded a photo along with the caption “Jennie changed the choreography during her part in “As If It’s Your Last“. And this is the members’ facial expressions”.

Jennie has done this as a joke. She sat facing back during the part where she sang the lyrics, “I’m never going to look back“.

Originally, she has to sit facing the front of the stage and the other members surround her.

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The members were surprised by Jennie’s mischief. Jisoo had a seriously shocked look on her face while Lisa was cutely stunned.

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The atmosphere was jolly. Jennie then turned around with an innocent expression while the members burst into laughter.

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BLACKPINK is currently on their first North American tour. They’ll continue to meet their fans at the Atlanta concert on the 5th.

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