BLACKPINK’s Lisa Went to Watch Crazy Horse Show in Paris

BLACKPINK’s Lisa was recently seen at Crazy Horse in Paris, this time not to perform but to watch the performances.
In September of last year, she had five nights of performance at Crazy Horse, creating much buzz globally for her bold decision and also drawing much criticism.

Known as a major cabaret shows in Paris, Crazy Horse is renowned for its daring displays and emphasis on sensuality. When Lisa’s participation in the show was announced, fans expressed concerns about her taking the stage. However, Lisa surprised everyone by sharing her joy on Instagram, uploading several pictures to commemorate the experience.

From donning a bold pair of glasses with a white shirt to captivating lingerie outfits, Lisa effortlessly embraced any look, radiating confidence and charisma on stage. She seamlessly blended into the Crazy Horse show alongside the topless dancers.

Aside from mixed reactions from netizens, fans can’t help but admire Lisa’s ability to effortlessly adapt to any style and make a memorable impact on the stage. Now, they are delighted to see Lisa at Crazy Horse again, as it shows that the negative comments don’t seem to affect Lisa’s enjoyment of Crazy Horse.

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