BLACKPINK’s Jennie praises YG’s new girl group BABY MONSTER, “You’re so good”

BLACKPINK Jennie praised BABY MONSTER, a junior girl group from her agency YG Entertainment.

On January 1 at 0:00, YG released a video of ‘YG NEXT MOVEMENT’ on its official Youtube Channel, officially launching a new 7-member girl group, BABY MONSTER.

In the released video, senior artists such as Jennie and Lisa of BLACKPINK, WINNER, and AKMU, as well as general producer Yang Hyun-suk of YG, who appeared after a long time, conveyed their feelings and favorable reviews.

The seniors praised the skills and talents of the ‘BABY MONSTER‘ members, saying, “It seems to captivate people at once”, and “There weren’t a lot of people who were this good”.


BLACKPINK’s Jennie showed extraordinary affection, saying, “They seem to be doing very well overall,” and Lisa said, “The combination of 7 members looks very good,” giving them direct choreography guidance.

Detailed profiles such as the names, ages, and nationalities of the seven members, who appeared for the first time amid favorable reviews from their seniors, have not yet been released.

Starting with the first introduction video, YG announced plans to introduce the skills and information of the ‘Baby Monster’ members sequentially through continuous promotions.

yang hyun suk

YG said, “Each of the Baby Monster members became YG trainees after overcoming a thousands-to-one competition, and are the final elite members who have undergone professional training for the past four years. Most of them are teenage girls. We planned this program with the intention of showing off our talents without filtering and receiving a cold-hearted pre-evaluation. The results of hard preparation and filming over the past year will be showcased soon.”

The fact that they are a junior group of BLACKPINK, the most popular female group in the world, and a new girl group announced by YG after 7 years, is drawing global fans’ attention.

Source: Daum

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