The first ever clip of YG’s new girl group: Lisa and Jennie spoke highly of the group, whose members exude a youthful, “NewJeans” vibe 

YG released the first introduction video of the new girl group at midnight of January 1st, 2023 (KST.) 

On midnight, January 1st, 2023 (KST), YG released the first introduction clip of their new girl group named “Baby Monster” with 7 members, with no further information given about the members. In the first clip, YG artists gave their opinions on the new girl group. Even former CEO Yang Hyun Suk took part in the shooting, surprising viewers. 

The introduction clip of the new YG girl group 

As the third girl group of YG and successor to BLACKPINK, Baby Monster raised curiosity. When asked of the new girl group, Lisa and Jennie spoke highly of the members, saying there was a lot of potentials. Lisa also gave them dance lessons. 

Lisa and Jennie in the Baby Monster’s introduction video 
baby monster
Lisa taught choreography for the new girl group 

Fans reacted excitedly when the new girl group was announced and each member was unique in their own refreshing way. Some of the close-up shots revealed a “youthful” visual and talent of the group, reminding viewers of the new and emerging rookie group NewJeans

baby monster
baby monster
The new girl group’s formation 

Source: K14

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