BLACKPINK’s How You Like That may soon to be dethroned by its own dance performance video!

BLACKPINK continues to set another admirable record on Youtube

On the evening of February 7, BLACKPINK’s dance video for the song “How You Like That” officially reached 1 billion views, and set a record for being the first group in the world to own a dance practice to achieve this feat. This is also the first product that is not the MV of the excellent YG group to reach 1 billion views on YouTube.


Previously, many fans thought BLACKPINK’s dance performance video for How You Like That might even surpass the view count of the song’s official MV because of the tremendous rise in views. In less than 3 months after hitting the 1 billion mark, the dance performance video for this smash hit has earned another 80 million views, achieving 1 billion and 80 million views in total as of April 23.

How You Like That Dance Performance – BLACKPINK

Therefore, the gap between the official How You Like That MV, which currently has 1 billion 84 million views, and the dance performance video is rapidly narrowing with only 4 million views apart. BLACKPINK may own a dance performance video with more views than the official billion-view MV, something that has never happened before.

BLACKPINK’s dance performance video for How You Like That is able to attract such massive attention because the song is good, the choreography is satisfying to watch, and the members in black outfits dancing in the pink background feel simple yet their visuals and dance lines are beyond eye-catching, making it impossible to just play the video once. How You Like That dance being so viral also explains why the number of views on the performance video doesn’t stop skyrocketing.

The video looks simple but the lighting effects and the pink background set-up are eye-catching
The viral choreography
BLACKPINK members’ visuals and charms make it impossible to only watch the video once
The dance performance video is likely to dethrone the MV soon
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