BLACKPINK Rosé’s Style Evolution: Embracing Diversity with a New Stylist

BLACKPINK’s Rosé has been making waves for her impeccable style

Recently, BLACKPINK Rosé, the global ambassador for Saint Laurent underwent a stylistic transformation that has left fans in awe.

As one of Kpop’s leading fashion stars, Rosé has always garnered praise for her flawless appearances at events. Her enchanting visuals, sophisticated demeanor, and glamorous aura have set her apart in the highly competitive industry. However, it’s her recent collaboration with stylist Park Sejun that has taken her style to the next level.

rose blackpink

Formerly working with stylist Park Min Hee, Rosé’s fashion leaned towards a princess-like aesthetic. Elegant, feminine outfits in black and white or neutral tones were her signature. Cut-out details added a hint of allure to her outfits, creating a distinct look.

The turning point of Rosé’s style came with stylist Park Sejun. No longer confined to the black-and-white palette, Rosé now explores a vibrant spectrum of colors with intricate details. The change has not only brought diversity to her style but has also showcased a more mature and experimental side.

rose blackpink

Despite the occasional challenge posed by unconventional outfits, Rosé effortlessly pulls off each look, leaving fans mesmerized. Her recent bold choice of a sheer dress during a photoshoot with W Korea exemplifies her confidence. Displaying a perfect figure, Rosé proves that she’s not afraid to push the boundaries of fashion.

Source: K14

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