BLACKPINK Jennie showed a confident move despite being attacked by BTS’s fans on Instagram

BLACKPINK Jennie confidently revealed her past photos without succumbing to malicious comments.

On Dec 7th, Jennie uploaded several photos along with the caption saying “Missing these Paris days” through her Instagram.


In the photos, Jennie is enjoying a relaxing time against the backdrop of Paris, France. Wearing jeans and a mustang, she showed off her sophisticated charm and even made a humorous expression. In particular, Jennie’s walking around the streets freely without a mask evokes nostalgia before the COVID-19 crisis.

On the other hand, Jennie was suddenly attacked by Instagram comments on the same day.

This is because BTS V, who recently launched his personal Instagram account, accidentally followed Jennie. Jennie was the first person that V had followed aside from BTS members.

bts v instagram

This aroused curiosity about the relationship between the two. Nevertheless, V unfollowed Jennie shortly after and sent a message to fans through Weverse, “Is there any way to get rid of the recommended feature on Instagram? It’s a scary app.”

bts v

However, some BTS’s overseas fans flocked to Jennie’s Instagram and left all sorts of malicious comments on her posts.

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