BLACKPINK after 6 years of debut

BLACKPINK celebrated their 6-year anniversary, looking back at past achievements in and out of the music industry and forward to new success. 

BLACKPINK’s image during their early days captured the attention of tons of viewers. (Image: Instagram jennierubyjane)
blackpink thumbnail
The YG girl group matures day by day. (Image: Pinterest)

On 8th August 2022, BLACKPINK officially reaches the 6th year of activity. Members and fans cannot help but get emotional in light of this special milestone. On their personal Instagram account, four members post streams of old photos from their debut until now. 

 Energetic BLACKPINK of the earlier days. (Image: Instagram jennierubyjane)
BLACKPINK exuded a girl-crush aura in their first concept picture, aligning themselves to the vision of YG. (Image:  Instagram jennierubyjane)
The girls had their first concert night. (Image: Instagram jennierubyjane)
They felt immense joy during the trip. (Image: Instagram jennierubyjane)
BLACKPINK’s feeling never changed after all the years. (Image: Instagram jennierubyjane)

Going through tough times together, BLACKPINK’s feelings are still like the old days. They always put the group’s career at the front of their mind and appreciate the support their fans, BLINKs, has had over their 6-year career. 

BLACKPINK’s feelings are still intact after 6 years. (Image: Instagram lalalalisa_m)

With YG’s support, BLACKPINK becomes one of the top generation 3 K-pop idol girl groups and their billion-view music videos secure them a spot among the top, with their Coachella’s performance being one of their many successes in the competitive music industry. 

BLACKPINK is an honorable K-pop group to be invited to Coachella. (Image: Instagram sooyaaa__)
Their performance stage is a legend. (Image: Pinterest) 

Not only a distinct group in the music industry, the group is extending themselves to the fashion playground. Four members are entrusted with the ambassadorship of many major brand names. 

jennie chanel
Jennie is the House Ambassador for Chanel, making her appearances at various international fashion show events. (Image: Vogue) 
Rose Blackpink
Rosé is YSL’s and Tiffany & Co.’s Global Ambassador. (Image: Bazaar)
Lisa is Bvlgari and Celine’s golden child. (Image: Pinterest) 
Jisoo is the perfect face for Dior. (Image: Vogue)

Notwithstanding their few comeback opportunities, BLACKPINK’s status within K-pop never stops rising. Each member has their own spotlight without having to outshine one another. 

The more their reputation grows, the more visually attractive BLACKPINK becomes. Four members take on various images, with their bare-face images making fans envious. 

Jisoo’ light makeup makes fans fall head over heels. (Image: Instagram sooyaaa__) 
Jisoo is becoming more gorgeous by the day. (Image: Instagram sooyaaa__)
Jennie’s facial features allow her to take on any style and still look good. (Image: Instagram jennierubyjane)
jennie hip pad
Jennie’s physique is top-tiered. (Image: Pinterest) 
Rose Blackpink
Rosé’s movie-like moments. (Image: Pinterest) 
Rose Blackpink
Rosé looks powerful during her shooting. (Image: Pinterest) 
Lisa possesses a 9:1 body ratio. (Image: Instagram lalalalisa_m)
Lise wears a swooning smokey gray eyeshadow. (Image: Instagram lalalalisa_m)

Celebrating their 6 years of debut, BLACKPINK is on an elevator to success. Their music and fashion career is looking more hopeful than ever. 

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