BL drama fans attack Cha Seo Won with malicious comments after news of his marriage and fiancée’s pregnancy

Actor Cha Seo Won receives malicious comments after announcing his marriage with actress Uhm Hyun Kyung and her pregnancy.

On June 5th, Uhm Hyun Kyung’s agency Yeojin Entertainment and Cha Seo Won’s agency Namoo Actors officially announced, “The two actors, Uhm Hyun Kyung and Cha Seo Won, met each other after working on the same drama and later became lovers”, adding “Based on their deep trust and love, the two promised to become lifelong partners”.

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The two plan to hold their wedding after Cha Seo Won’s military discharge.

On the same day, Cha Seo Won also posted a handwritten letter through his fancafe. Referring to Uhm Hyun Kyung, he said, “I’ve had a good lover and life partner”, adding “She’s the one who always smiles at me and makes me happy. I want to make her happy, too. We started dating with good feelings, and now we even thought about getting married.”

Mentioning Uhm Hyun Kyung’s pregnancy, the actor said, “Although I still lack various skills in life, the thought of ‘being the head of a family’ has changed my attitudes towards life. In the future, I will try to be a better actor and do my best as the head of my family to deserve everyone’s love.”

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Upon knowing the news of his marriage and his fiancée’s pregnancy at the same time, some people began to look at Cha Seo Won with disappointed eyes. In fact, they are mostly fans of the famous BL drama “Unintentional Love Story” starring Cha Seo Won.

Some fans of the BL dramas have been leaving malicious comments on the SNS of Cha Seo Won, criticizing his sudden enlistment right after the drama filming, marriage announcement within less than a year after the drama ended as well as his fake kiss in the drama.

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Although most of the malicious commenters are international fans, some negative comments from Korean fans are also noticeable. Comments, such as “If you wanted to become a father that much, you shouldn’t have acted in a BL drama from the beginning”, “You’re such an irresponsible husband and father since you got your girlfriend pregnant before marriage”, “This is ridiculous. I was waiting for ‘Unintentional Love Story’ Season 2”, etc.

As Cha Seo Won once acted in the BL drama “Unintentional Love Story”, which tells about two men falling in love with each other, he is receiving harsh criticism from some drama fans.

Seeing the situation, netizens reacted, “I wish these people lived their lives more realistically”, “Their reactions shocked me”, “It’s not like they are overly immersed in the BL drama, they’ve become too obsessed with it”, etc.

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