Bighit made a statement regarding the issue of sasaeng fans breaking into BTS’s hotel room

The management company of the group confirmed that the woman appeared in JHope’s live stream is a member of the staff.

Big Hit Entertainment has officially made a statement about the incident of the sasaeng fans breaking into the BTS hotel room in Japan. The company said that the person appeared in JHope’s live stream at the hotel is a staff from the crew.

After checking the security camera, Big Hit insisted that there were no outsiders sneaking into the artists’ rooms because the hotel security was tight, the crew was careful to protect BTS.

The girl appeared from behind and took a picture of the BTS members who are live streaming.

Before that, on the night of February 17, BTS members had a live stream to celebrate JHope’s birthday. While BTS was chatting with fans on social networks, a girl opened the door slightly and held up the phone to take a picture.
Initially, the fans assumed that it was a staff member with BTS, but then they learned that this crazy fan shared the evidence on social media.

These girls even showed off the photo of them breaking into Jungkook’s bedroom and dance on the bed. The controversy surrounding the incident is growing when the Japanese media reported on the incident.

The answer from Big Hit continues to annoy BTS’s fans, claiming that the company is hiding the bad security protection for artists.
“I don’t believe it’s an employee. If you follow Instagram and Twitter, everyone will see those girls are sasaengs. They also admit to breaking into the hotel room. It’s not a big deal, but I’m very upset about Big Hit’s behavior, “a reader commented on the Soompi news page.
Another person wrote: “The company’s explanation is ridiculous as they denied it, proving that they do not respect BTS”.

The girls publicly admit that they are sasaengs, even showing off their social network achievements.

Before this incident, BTS was repeatedly violated in private life. In 11/2018, when 7 Big Hit home singers sat on the plane, they did not expect that they were surrounded by all fans. Then, in December, they were chased by fans in Taiwan, causing a collision by a chain of cars.

Sources: zing

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