Astro members take care of Moon Sua in place of her late older brother Moonbin

Astro’s Cha Eunwoo and the members revealed the moments they spent with the late Moonbin’s younger sister Moon Sua

On Oct 7th, Cha Eunwoo posted photos taken with Astro members Sanha, Jinjin and Billlie’s member – Moonbin’s younger sister Moon Sua through his Instagram story.

The photos depict the four of them enjoying what seems like a trip, capturing their happy daily lives.


In the photos, they can be seen holding heart-shaped firecrackers, making playful expressions and forming hand hearts.

Astro members are taking good care of Moon Sua in place of Moonbin, who left first. Moon Sua recently had to pause her activities due to health issues but is showing a bright smile, receiving ongoing support from fans.


Cha Eunwoo also shared a link to the cover video of DISH’s “NeKo” sung by Sanha. Sanha added a comforting message, saying, “I, my family, Astro members and our Aroha (fandom) will be happy for sure.

Meanwhile, Moonbin unexpectedly passed away last April at the age of 25. Shortly after, Moon Sua temporarily suspended her activities due to health issues. She briefly returned but is currently taking some time off again.

Source: Insight

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