Beyoncé was speechless when BLACKPINK’s music was played at her concert?

The clip recording the moment when BLACKPINK’s hit song appeared at Beyoncé’s concert attracted millions of views.

Recently, the online community shared a clip of Beyoncé having to stop performing when BLACKPINK‘s hit song “Boombayah” was suddenly played. Not only that, tens of thousands of spectators were also said to hum along the phrase “BLACKPINK in your area”, which confused Beyoncé and made her unable to continue performing.

Beyoncé was confused when hearing BLACKPINK’s music
Beyoncé was confused when everyone started singing “Boombayah”
beyonce blackpink
The clip exceeded 1 million likes and 4 million views on TikTok
BLACKPINK’s hit song was played at Beyoncé’s concert, attracting attention on SNS

However, this is a clip that was edited. In fact, Beyoncé’s moment was during the concert “4 Intimate Nights with Beyoncé” held in New York in 2011. In the clip, Beyoncé excited the audience by performing the song “Irreplaceable”. The audience responded by singing loudly. In front of their enthusiasm, Beyoncé “gave up” and could not help but enjoy this situation.

Beyoncé stopped performing as the audience sang “Irreplaceable” (from 0:42)
beyonce blackpink
The clip shared by the online community is Beyoncé’s moment at the concert 11 years ago. BLACKPINK’s music was added into it

Source: K14

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