Before starting a relationship with Momo, Heechul used to be rumored to date a male star

The public is still shocked about the breakup of Momo (TWICE) and "universe superstar" Heechul.

On the morning of July 8, the whole online community was “bewildered” because Momo (TWICE) and Heechul officially broke up.  At the beginning of 2020, when publicizing their love story, the two also received many blessings from fans.  This time, netizens had the opportunity to review Heechul’s love stories, the surprising thing is that before dating Momo, he was once entangled in a love rumor with a male idol.

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It turns out that 15 years ago, Heechul was a character who was involved in many dating rumors from the first day of his debut.  And one of them is a romantic relationship with male rapper Mithra Jin.

In February last year, Epik High came as a guest on Problem Child In The House.  Here, they revealed the love rumors of Heechul and Mithra Jin.  Talking about this issue, Tablo freely shared, “The two of them always meet in secret. I’m also close to Heechul. I don’t know if they think I’m envious, but they always meet in the middle of the night so I don’t know.”

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Many viewers were extremely surprised, they thought that although Heechul had a slightly feminine beauty, he was not to the point of falling in love with the male idol.  Heechul himself also feels this is too absurd, he shared: “Now that I think about it, I can’t believe it. I looked pretty back then and Mithra Jin had a mustache and was a bit ‘wild’. Now he’s much more attractive and cool.”

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Heechul and Mithra Jin also had the chance to reminisce about their happy times together on this occasion. It found out that the two were close friends who had known one other from their first debut. Heechul and Mithra Jin have diametrically opposed characteristics, forceful and delicate, but they get along because of it. Heechul was as sad as he was lovesick when Mithra Jin got married because the two were so close.

He recalled, “This is actually the first time I met Mithra Jin since he got married. He was always there for me. We always drank soju together while talking about our interests. When he got married, my heart broke. I went to the barbecue restaurant the same day and got drunk because I was so sad.”

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Because of his beautiful and somewhat feminine appearance, Heechul has been entangled in many weird love rumors.  So when he officially announced his lover was Momo (TWICE), fans couldn’t help but rejoice.  Heechul has also been caught many times by fans when showing thoughtful care for Momo.  During a TV show, the male idol commented on his girlfriend: “Momo is a really great person, a good girl”.

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Still thought this golden couple would come to a happy ending, but recently their companies officially confirmed they had split up.  Talking about the reason for the breakup, an industry insider revealed, “Both of them were very busy with their activities, so the relationship started to fall apart. As far as I know, they ended up dating and return to the senior-junior relationship”. 

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Momo and Heechul have not yet taken any action in response to this revelation. Despite the fact that breakups are common in the K-pop world, the public still feels sorry for this couple.

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