Becoming CEO, Minzy (2NE1) appeared with a powerful appearance, but controversial because of her strange face

The new photos of Minzy (former 2NE1 member) caused controversy on social networks because her face was too different.

After 4 years of leaving YG Entertainment, Minzy (former 2NE1 member) surprised netizens with her new look.  During her time in 2NE1, Minzy was the member who was most underrated in terms of appearance.  After only a while leaving the group, Minzy became even more beautiful.  Although prettier than before, her face has often become a controversial topic.

Recently, a new series of photos on Minzy’s personal page has caused people to stir.  Since becoming CEO of an entertainment company founded by herself, the female idol has become more and more radiant and more powerful.  However, many netizens believe that the face of 2NE1’s extreme member has become like … an inverted triangle due to an overly pointed chin.  Someone accused Minzy of having plastic surgery that caused her face to be abnormally deformed.  Some people also think that the female idol has used a photo application so her new face looks like this.

Minzy (2NE1) CEO2
Minzy (2NE1) CEO2
Minzy (2NE1) CEO4
Minzy (2NE1) CEO5
Minzy (2NE1) CEO6

In 2016, Minzy left 2NE1 and terminated her contract with YG that made the fans regret it.  After 4 years, the least popular member in 2NE1 that day not only became prettier but also became the CEO, establishing her own entertainment company.

Minzy (2NE1) CEO6


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