Barbie Hsu’s ex-husband apologizes for spreading drug rumors, “I won’t interfere with Barbie Hsu’s life anymore”

After spreading unconfirmed rumors about the private life of Barbie Hsu, who remarried Koo Jun-yup in February, her ex-husband publicly apologized.

On May 31st, Barbie Hsu’s ex-husband Wang Xiaofei, a second-generation Chinese conglomerate, said through his SNS, “I did the most regrettable thing of my life on the spur of the moment yesterday”, adding, “I’d like to apologize to my ex-wife, children and my ex-mother-in-law.”

This apology was revealed one day after Wang Xiaofei revealed on his SNS that Barbie Hsu had bought and taken illegal drugs by receiving prescriptions under someone else’s name.

Barbie Hsu

Wang Xiaofei continued, “I admit my mistake. I know many people are humiliating and criticizing me on the Internet”. He promised, “Now, I will try to take care of my wounds as much as possible and won’t interfere with Barbie Hsu’s life anymore.”

Earlier, Wang Xiaofei repeatedly expressed his displeasure and concerns for the children as Barbie Hsu remarried Koo Jun-yup, her lover 20 years ago, a year after their divorce. However, Taiwanese netizens pointed out Wang Xiaofei’s affairs with Chinese actresses during his marriage with Barbie Hsu. It is also known that the actress confessed her concerns with her close friends about her marriage life several times.

Huang Chunmei

In particular, responses to Wang Xiaofei spreading rumors of Barbie Hsu taking illegal drugs were not good. Barbie Hsu’s mother emphasized that her daughter had never taken illegal drugs, saying “My daughter only took antiepileptic as she was struggling with miscarriage.”

Source: Nate

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