Baekhyun’s Role in Prompting SM to Reevaluate Contracts for All Artists

Baekhyun created great impact on SM’s contract reevaluation for all artists, revealed by a journalist

On October 22nd, a journalist revealed that Baekhyun was the catalyst for SM to reconsider the contracts of all artists.

Accordingly, the journalist said:“‘Because Baekhyun spoke out about contract issues, SM had to revise the contracts of all artists.” It turns out he really created a snowball effect.


The journalist Reported: “During the dispute between CBX and SM, Baekhyun made a surprising decision. He directly brought up issues in the contracts signed up until now and requested amendments to unfavorable terms for the members. In the end, SM had to fully accept this… Thanks to Baekhyun’s intervention, SM Entertainment’s contracts have been revised for all artists under the company, even for newly debuted artists.”

Netizens’ comments:

  1. Without Baekhyun, they would have never voluntarily done this, as renewing Baekhyun’s contract caused their stocks to plummet significantly, so they had to modify the contracts. He did this for his juniors. How refreshing.
  2. Wow, I just watched the video, it’s awesome! This journalist used to bash Baekhyun a lot, why is he suddenly acting like this? Did he feel guilty towards Baekhyun for bashing him or something? ㅋㅋㅋ
  3. He’s so cool, if Baekhyun really wanted to leave, he wouldn’t care about the contract terms and would just leave. But he wants to do something for his juniors and colleagues, so he took a brave action. Baekhyun is so cool.
  4. The reaction everyone gave him changed 180 degrees so quickly, it’s amazing.
  5. I wonder how Byun Baekhyun has been living for the past 4 months. If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to handle this pressure and would be overwhelmed.”
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