BABYMONSTER’s 1st Album Tracklist Leaked by Thai Politician? 

A Thai Politician seems to have accidentally revealed the tracklist for BABYMONSTER’s 1st album

From December 4 to 7, Pita Limjaroenrat, former leader of the Move Forward Party in Thailand, had a visit to South Korea. During his trip, the Thai politician visited various different corporations and schools, and YG Entertainment is one of them.

As commemoration of his appearance at YG Entertainment, Pita Limjaroenrat also took various photos at the agency’s building, including some with LED screens of BLACKPINK and BABYMONSTER – two YG groups with Thai members, and some with YG’s bulletin board. 

The photos, which were published on Pita Limjaroenrat’s Instagram, quickly drew attention.

In particular, fans spotted a paper pinned on the bulletin board in one of the Thai politician’s photos, and believed that names mentioned on the paper are leaked song titles on BABYMONSTER’s 1st album.

The paper, which has “BABYMONSTER” printed on it, includes a total of 8 alleged song titles, namely “BATTER UP”, “SHUT UP”, “STUCK IN THE MESS”, “LOVE ON MY HEART”, “REALLY LIKE YOU”, “FALLING IN LOVE”, “LIKE THAT”, and “WE ARE BABYMONSTER”.

Pita Limjaroenrat has since deleted the photo from his Instagram, evoking even more suspicions. 

Source: K Crush 

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