BABYMONSTER, miracle on day 3 of debut “TikTok challenge exceeding 5 million video posts”

BABYMONSTER’s debut track “BATTER UP”, which was released on Nov 27th, has quickly gained popularity on the global short-form platform TikTok. Within just two days of its release, the hashtag “#BATTERUPCHALLENGE” on TikTok has seen over 5 million video posts.

Notably, TikTok users from various countries beyond South Korea are participating in BABYMONSTER’s “BATTER UP” challenge, spreading the trend rapidly.

K-pop fans are particularly drawn to the cool choreography showcased by BABYMONSTER in the “BATTER UP” music video. The unique hipness of BABYMONSTER seems to captivate the hearts of the MZ generation.

“BATTER UP” has started its ascent on various global music charts, and it is anticipated that more K-pop fans will join the challenge inspired by BABYMONSTER’s song.

The response on YouTube is even more enthusiastic. The “BATTER UP” music video set a new record for debut songs by K-pop groups with 22.59 million views in the first 24 hours. Additionally, various secondary creative works, including dance challenge videos on the short-form platform “Reels” as well as reaction videos in diverse languages, are pouring out.

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The response to the video reflects the strong identity of YG. Despite the members’ ages ranging from 14 to 21, mainly being teenagers, they showcase remarkably high skills, earning praise. The powerful rap, soulful vocals and compelling facial expressions in the video all exhibit the distinctive “YG DNA”.

Amidst the acclaim, “BATTER UP” has achieved remarkable success on various global charts. It secured the top spot on iTunes song charts in 21 countries and landed at fourth place on the worldwide chart.

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is YG’s rookie girl group, making their debut seven years after BLACKPINK. All six members, recognized as versatile performers with skills in vocals, dance, rap and visuals, have received early acclaim. They have also been selected as “K-pop Artist to Watch” by Billboard.

Source: Daum

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